Cookies policy

To ensure the proper functioning of our website and create comfortable conditions for its use, we use appropriate technologies for cookies processing.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, smartphone or other device because of your browsing any websites that use the appropriate technology. They allow you to optimize and customize the websites in accordance with your interests, requests and needs (for example, remembering your login, saving search queries or displaying the necessary content).

In most cases, cookies belong to the category of the personal data about a person (for more details about personal data, see here).

Most of the websites use cookies.


Depending on the type and purpose of use, cookies can conditionally be divided into the several categories:

  • Technical cookies (required)

Technical cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our website. They provide basic functionality, such as security, management and site availability. Technical cookie include:

  • Cookies for setting the current language – we use these cookies to determine the language of the site in accordance with your location or browser language (name of the cookie: qtrans_front_language),
  • Identifier of the current session php. We use for the site security (name of the cookie: PHPSESSID),
  • Cookies with cookie settings – to inform you about the use of cookies (name of cookie: viewed_cookie_policy).

You can block it by changing your browser settings. However, it may affect the functionality of our site and, as a result, limit the use of some services.

  • “Analytical” cookies

We use “third-party” online analytics services on our site, such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. The service providers that administer these analytic services use automated technologies to collect data (such as email address, IP addresses, cookies, and other device identifiers) to evaluate, for example, site usage and diagnose technical problems.

You have control over these cookies and you can block it at any time without any influence on the website functionality.


You can at any time block analytical cookies using the functionality of our website. To do this, you need to go to the special dialog box with the “Cookies” icon, which is located in the lower left corner of the screen.

To block analytical cookies, click the “Cookies settings” button in the dialog box, then next to the “Analytical cookies” mark move the slider to the “Off” position.

You may need to refresh the page in order the new settings to take effect.

In addition, most of the web browsers allow you to control most cookies through your browser settings. To learn more about cookies, in particular how to see which cookies you have already set, visit or

Also, using the links below you can find detailed information on cookies of the most popular web browsers:

To learn more about Facebook Pixel and / or to block Google Analytics cookies, click here.

To learn more about Facebook Pixel and / or block Facebook Pixel cookies here.


Yes, we have.

As we have already mentioned, we consider cookies that we use as personal data and using it, under certain conditions, we can identify a person. Accordingly, we inform you of the legal basis for the use of cookies below.

The basis is your personal consent, which you provide for such processing.  While you are browsing our website using your computer or other device, you give you consent to use cookies.

When you visited our site first time, you saw notification message about use of cookies in the form of the special “pop-up menu”. You could not help but notice it, because this warning blocks the operation of our site until you choose to give your consent or refuse the use of cookies.

If you don’t see this notification message while visiting our site, this means that you have already visited our site and have given your consent to the use of cookies earlier.

We do not use cookies without your consent. You can opt out of the cookies use at any time using one of the methods described in the section above.


The above-mentioned notification message in the form the “pop-up menu” contains brief information that we use cookies, as well as links to sources with more detailed information (Privacy Policy and these Rules).

In addition, the notification message contains certain functionality that provides you with the opportunity to make your choice regarding the consent or refusal to use cookies:

  • Button “Yes, I agree”. By clicking it you accept the terms of the Privacy Policy and Rules, and agree to our processing of all cookies mentioned above.
  • “Cookie Settings” button gives you the opportunity to refuse the use of analytical cookies.

If you do not click one of these buttons, the warning remains active for the entire time you use the site.


If you still have questions about the processing of your personal data (including cookies), read our Privacy Policy, or contact us:

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