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Civil Liability of Banks' Shareholders and Related Parties: Practical Considerations

27 November 2020 The article is published in The Ukrainian Journal of Business Law During 2014-2016, the National Bank of Ukraine (the "NBU") has carried out the "great bank cleansing" that resulted in the withdrawal of 103 banks from the Ukrainian banking market. Since the assets of some of the insolvent and liquidated banks were insufficient to cover all debts, claims against the banks' related parties and shareholders whose actions contributed to the insolvency are regularly considered by creditors that have suffered losses. Pursuant to the data published by the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Ukraine (the "DGF"), 49 banks in Ukraine remain in the process of liquidation as of 08 September 2020. Consequently, lawsuits on collection of damages against banks' related parties may remain an effective mechanism for creditors attempting to recover their losses. 

Ukraine: Civil Liability for Causing Bankruptcy – Myth or Reality?

23 November 2020 The article is published in International Corporate Rescue This article aims at shedding light on the topic of civil liability for causing bankruptcy that is much discussed and in demand nowadays in Ukraine. The application of the legal rules on civil liability is relatively new in this jurisdiction. It started developing only since 2018, when courts began to ‘re-shape’ their approach in deciding such cases.

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Повернення податкових перевірок: бюджет вимагає надходжень

Запровадження в Україні карантинних заходів позначилося на всіх сферах суспільного життя, спричинило закономірний спад ділової активності та введення низки тимчасових податкових пільг для підтримки бізнесу у цей непростий для нього період. Нині очевидно, що ситуація з COVID-19 затягується на невизначений період. Відтак, свіжі законодавчі ініціативи у сфері податкового регулювання спрямовані на поступове зняття податкових пільг, зумовлених запровадженням карантину, а також на усунення неточностей (логічних неузгодженостей) у чинному податковому законодавстві напередодні нового бюджетного періоду.

Possible Change in State Registration Rights and Powers

On 6 November 2020, the Ukrainian Parliament registered a Draft Law prepared by the Ministry of Justice and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, regarding  improvement of the corporate and real estate registries’ reliability and security.  The Draft Law No 4338 “On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine concerning Regulation of Activities in the Sphere of State Registration of Real Property Rights and Encumbrances and in the Sphere of State Registration of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and public formations " (hereinafter the Draft Law).

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