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A rapidly evolving market creates a shifting framework for businesses and investors that renders traditional maps and models obsolete.
We have advised companies involved in complex restructuring processes, cross-border litigation and regulatory matters, giving us unique ability to adapt to change and gain a competitive advantage.


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Грані фолу

26 березня 2021 Стаття опублікована в журналі "Український юрист" Податкові перевірки та фінансовий моніторинг можуть суттєво ускладнити роботу бізнесу, якщо будуть допущені помилки у звітності, тож на що варто звернути увагу, щоб спокійно працювати з новими змінами у законодавстві.

Tourism Infrastructure: New Investment Opportunities for Faster Recovery After the Pandemic

23 February 2021 The article is published in The Ukrainian Journal of Business Law The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent quarantine have significantly changed the global economic and social landscape. One of the sectors for which mobility restrictions had a very direct and destructive impact was tourism. While most industries were able to find some digital solutions to continue operations during lockdowns, hotels remained almost empty during the spring lockdown in Ukraine, and reported significant falls in occupancy in the following months compared to previous years.

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New tax and customs incentives for large-scale investment projects

On March 28, 2021, law of Ukraine no. 1293-IX, amending the Tax Code of Ukraine and law of Ukraine no. 1294-IX, amending the Customs Code of Ukraine (both laws are dated March 2, 2021) came into force. The laws in question are aimed at implementation of another recently adopted law of Ukraine – “On state support of investment projects with significant investments in Ukraine”, providing a framework of state support for investment projects that comply with the list of criteria. Two recently signed laws specify the scope of tax and customs duties exemptions which investors who make significant investments may receive.

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