Hillmont Partners, Energy Club and A7 Capital are conducting the Ukraine RES Market Survey

Energy ClubA7 CAPITAL and Hillmont Partners are conducting the Ukraine RES Market Survey. Take the survey till 22 June 2020. Make your voice count!

The findings will be presented during our online business session “Protecting Your Investments: Options for Investors in the Renewable Energy Sector” on 24 June 2020. 

(1) If your company is doing business in the RES electricity generation sector in Ukraine, please use this link https://forms.gle/zjEVD12d8kiJGnRTA

(2) If you represent a RES business operating outside Ukraine, please proceed with this link https://forms.gle/SwFbpse9TzqsziJA8

Join our online discussion! Get registered at https://forms.gle/GD4Zqqs8ECx9FiVW6 or send email to lazarenko@hillmont.com.ua.

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