Oleksandr Salko advised clients in a dispute with the well-known international medical carrier

Hillmont Partners lawyers advise individual clients in a dispute with a well-known international medical carrier.

The essence of the legal relationship is the ordering of individuals for a special medical charter flight for the emergency transfer of their seriously ill young daughter to another country for the purpose of obtaining urgent qualified medical care.

Due to the attraction of a significant number of intermediaries, the carrier did not comply with the terms of the order – did not provide a special medical plane in due time. As a result, the child died.

“Considering the investigated circumstances of the case, while drawing on the conviction that the said non-compliance with the terms of the order authoritative in their industry, the company is rather a disgraceful exception, the proposal to an international medical carrier for a peaceful settlement of a complex and unambiguous controversial situation has been formed,” commented Senior Associate Alexander Salko. – We invite them to return to the private individuals the value of an order, the total amount of which is about 100,000 US dollars, out of court”.

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