Oleksiy Miagkiy joins Hillmont Partners as the Head of our White Collar Crime Practice

Oleksiy Miagkiy joins Hillmont Partners as Senior Associate and will lead our White Collar Crime Practice.

His focus is the protection of individuals in criminal proceedings during pre-trial investigations and trials through all instances. Oleksiy has extensive practical experience in the sphere of human rights advocacy.

Before joining Hillmont Partners he served as a judge of the criminal appellate court and has worked in the prosecution authorities of Ukraine.

Currently, the practice of criminal law of Hillmont Partners, led by Oleksiy Miagkiy, includes:

  • advising, representing and protecting clients at all stages of criminal investigations and proceedings
  • risk management and assessment, counselling on interaction with local criminal prosecution bodies
  • providing and implementing effective defense strategies
  • counselling corporate clients on fraud prevention and emergency fraud response 
  • multi-jurisdictional asset tracing and recovery
  • coordinating internal corporate investigations of alleged misconduct

More information can be found at the site Practices. 

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