Olha Stakheyeva-Bogovyk joined the Hillmont Partners team

Promising lawyer, specialist in international financial and banking law, Olha Stakheyeva-Bogovyk became part of the Hillmont Partners team of professionals.

Her 10 years of practical experience in dealing with the restructuring and bankruptcy of companies, including those with foreign capital, will give Hillmont Partners clients confidence in the most difficult situations,

commented Vadym Halaichuk, a partner in Hillmont Partners.

Olha Stakheyeva-Bogovyk has experience in large consulting companies, in particular KPMG-Ukraine, PMC Doshkilnyk, who, besides legal advice, specialized in tax and financial consulting.
The acquired practical knowledge and in-depth understanding of economic processes and trends affecting the stability of companies will be useful when working with clients, Hillmont Partners believes.

In recent years, Olha worked on the adaptation and approximation of Ukrainian legislation in the legal field of the European Union and assisted at the International University of Wisconsin in Ukraine. This means that Hillmont Partners clients will receive not just general advice, but also practical advice for mastering the nuances of doing business in different European countries.

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