Property of a French citizen was seized through the state registrar changes: hearings in court

On March 14, at 14.00 in the Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky District Court, a hearingof the French citizen – Muriel Olivier Francois – regarding illegal seizure of immovable property by falsifying registration documents will take place.

In this case, title documents for the residential building and land plot located in the Kyiv region were forged, as well as the state registration of the property ownership transfer was carried out. Such actions were held through the state registrars of communal enterprises.

One of them had previously worked as an employee of the village council branch office of Mirnopol, ‘Result’, and the state registrars of this enterprise had previously been involved in seizing other people’s property.

As a result, the property of the French resident was seized by Pavlo Oleksyuk, as well as related legal entities.

Lawyers of the Hillmont Partners represent the interests of a French citizen and will defend in court the violated property rights of a man for real estate.

Presiding Judge: Dubas Tatyana

Address: 1, Melnychenko street

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