Tetiana Mylenka Explains the Legal Aspects of Unbundling in the Gas Sector as Part of a Special Course for Attorneys in the Energy Sector

On 17 August 2020, Tetiana Mylenka, Counsel at Hillmont Partners and Head of our Energy Practice, gave a practical lecture at the Legal High School as part of a special course for attorneys in the energy sector.

Tetiana spoke about the legal aspects of unbundling in the gas sector. In particular, she explained the essence and importance of unbundling in Ukraine, drawing from her own experience of coordinating the legal team at JSC Main Gas Pipelines of Ukraine.

Our expert went through the various models of unbundling the transmission system operator which were analyzed by the team responsible for the project, the main goal of which was to increase competition in the national gas market. Tetiana also spoke about the main stages of unbundling, as well as areas with remaining unsolved issues.

Tetiana’s speech continued on from a lecture by Adomas Audickas, a member of the Supervisory Board of JSC Main Gas Pipelines of Ukraine, who spoke about the strategic and economic importance of the unbundling project in the gas sector for Ukraine.

The special course for attorneys in the energy sector from the Legal High School was aimed at specialists from the legal departments of public and private companies operating in various sectors of the energy business (from oil & gas projects to investments in conventional and renewable energy), as well as at practicing lawyers and attorneys who advise on business planning and protection in the sector. Lecturers for the special course include CEOs of the largest state-owned companies in the energy sector, heads of legal departments at private energy companies, legal practitioners who provide legal support for the largest transactions and litigation in the energy sector.

Legal High School is an innovative educational platform for acquiring practical knowledge and improving the skills of lawyers, as well as enhancing the qualifications of attorneys. The project aims to unite the legal services market of Ukraine, improve the quality of legal education and eliminate gaps in practical knowledge in the field of law.

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