Vadym Halaichuk and Serhii Kalchenko have discussed to the Code of Administrative Adjudication

Hillmont Partners’ Partner Vadym Halaichuk and Associate Partner Serhii Kalchenko took part in the round table “Changes in the CAA and the right to access to justice in the administrative process”, organized by the committees of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

“The specificity of administrative proceedings is such that in administrative proceedings a citizen or a legal entity is seeking protection from the state. These two subjects of the dispute can hardly be called equivalent, because the state has enough power to have a certain advantage over citizens and legal entities.

Accordingly, my colleagues and I believe that the task of administrative proceedings is to prevent narrowing of the possibilities for citizens to sue the state”, – said event moderator Vadym Halaichuk, deputy chairman of the committee on constitutional and administrative law and human rights of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

The speakers in turn spoke about their experience on this topic and noted that the changes in the KASU occurred, but they are really significant.

More information about this event can be found here:

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