Hillmont Partners successfully defends the interests of Delta Wilmar Ukraine in a complex dispute with the State Environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine

Hillmont Partners’ lawyers won a convincing victory in favor of Delta Wilmar Ukraine LLC in a dispute with the State Environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine, the consequences of which were critically important for the company’s future activities in Ukraine.

The State Environmental Inspectorate accused Delta Wilmar Ukraine LLC of violating the norms set by environmental legislation and demanded a complete cessation of economic activity of the enterprise, the value of which stands at USD 335 million as of today. The litigation process lasted almost two years. Finally, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Delta Wilmar Ukraine LLC, ending a long-running business conflict with the regulator.

Delta Wilmar Ukraine LLC, part of the Wilmar International transnational agro-industrial corporation headquartered in Singapore, is one of the largest producers of tropical oils and oilseeds in Ukraine. The company is one of the largest employers and taxpayers in the south of the country.

Victory in a dispute with the regulator is of great practical importance to the company’s activities and business reputation. Delta Willmar Ukraine will be able to continue its activities and avoid multi-million dollar losses during the forced downtime, while saving more than 600 jobs.

Moreover, this case is significant for all international companies operating in Ukraine, as it proves that foreign investors can protect their business interests in Ukrainian courts.

Liudmyla Boiko, Senior Associate, and Igor Pugaiko, Counsel, represented the client’s interests in court.


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