Hillmont Partners’ team won fresh victories in local courts in favor of Ukrainian company which is part of Wilmar International transnational agro-industrial corporation

Lawyers of Hillmont Partners continue to defend the interests of Delta Wilmar Group companies in Ukraine in a number of complex disputes in Ukrainian courts. In particular, they support the client in disputes on the recovery of penalties from an unscrupulous supplier of agricultural products.

As of today, the Hillmont Partners’ team has won the first two victories in a dispute with this unscrupulous supplier. The court satisfied the company’s claims in full and ruled to recover penalties to the tune of more than UAH 2 million from the unscrupulous supplier, who failed to fulfill its obligations under forward contracts.

The firm’s lawyers continue defending the client’s interests in other disputes with unscrupulous counterparties. Counsel Igor Pugaiko and Lawyer Oleksandr Vorontsov represent the client’s interests in courts.

* * *

Ukrainian companies which are part of the Wilmar International transnational agro-industrial corporation headquartered in Singapore, are among the largest producers of tropical oils and oilseeds in Ukraine. They are the largest employers and taxpayers in the south of the country.

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